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My wife (who graciously agreed to help run motherfuckyeahnickfury with me) and I have gone through, oh, about 150-250 pages each of both the Nick Fury and Samuel L Jackson tags together, queuing up content to keep the blog active for months to come while we also regularly reblog new content. 

And holy shit, if the travel thus far has taught us anything, it’s that fandom sucks. No, seriously. Fandom is racist, obnoxious, and fucking stupid. The number of white people who think literally every black actor older than 25 is Samuel L Jackson, is grossly high. The number of white people who include Fury in their otherwise all-white photosets because he’s the funny gruff old black guy and thus pleasing to them rather than threatening like Rhodey, is grossly high. The number of shitty Stony and ClintCoulson shippers who shove him into their fics for a blink for laughs and then tag it Nick Fury, is grossly high. The number of white people who seem to think Samuel L Jackson is scary and would physically harm them if they called him cute/sweet to his face is bizarrely high (seriously why does everyone think this?) The number of white people who seem to think Nick only exists to sass back and forth with Tony or Loki and then go back into his box, is grossly high.

I am white. And there’s a lot of content I’ve come across that’s smacked me in the face with how shitty I am about this stuff too. Like overusing cursing in Nick’s dialogue because I think it’s funny, but really it’s because I’m putting Fury in the same ‘rambunctious black neighbor’ trope that’s really popular on the news, shown only to say a few rough-languaged things so we white people can all laugh and then go back to the important white business. Like limiting his presence in my muses to ‘guy who comes in to give orders and then leave, or guy who’s off in Europe somewhere kicking HYDRA ass but let’s not think too heavily on it, it’s not as fun as chasing Bucky roadtrip!’ Like headcanoning his character into a father figure to everyone and thereby making his character one of familial connections only, without agency and without romantic or friendship based relationships. I don’t always do these things (I claim to love Fury to pieces and it’s true, it’s fucking true) but I do them enough that I need to be mindful of how I treat his character and how I apply those behaviors to creating content about his character. 

Fuck me and anything I’ve ever said/done to keep perpetuating this shittiness. I can do better. Fandom can do better. Nick Fury watched everything he’d ever done in his life burn to the ground, then razed what hold it had left on him in that storage unit, and dusted the ashes off his shoulders so he could keep going even if it’s alone. Nick Fury has friends, loved ones, and a whole fuckton of trust issues. Nick Fury keeps his eye on the big picture, the long game, and he’s not afraid to make hard decisions to make sure the world is on the right track, even if that means Captain America looks at you with judgement and mistrust, Natasha Romanoff looks at you with betrayal, and Phil Coulson looks at you with anger and confusion. Even if that means you have to ask your friends to lie and hurt on your behalf. Even if that means you have to die to make sure that long game has a better chance in the future. 

Nick Fury is not white fandom’s funny uncle. Nick Fury is a badass worth a hundred thousand words of meta, a million words of fanfiction, a thousand detailed graphics photosets and gifsets that include all the nuanced little expressions he makes, two dozen ships with fangirl tears and capslock, a million lowercase-written headcanons, and a billion keyboard smashed tags detailing all the feels you can’t help but get caught up in whenever you see him snark, bleed, laugh tiredly, look disappointed, or smile. Nick Fury is worth every fucking bit of what we give to all our white dude characters, and fuck everyone, including me, for not acknowledging that often or extensively enough.

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All of this is right on. And it doesn’t help that the movies really didn’t do much with Nick Fury until Cap 2. They just relied on Samuel L. Jackson to make it work because he can make damn near anything work instead of putting good stuff for Fury on the page.

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A recent study from Duke University’s School of Medicine found that the available HPV vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix, don’t prevent the HPV infections common in black women. Gardasil and Cervarix protect against HPV 16, HPV 18, HPV 6 and HPV 11 — strains that are notorious for causing cervical cancers. The only problem? HPV 16 and 18 occur more in white women than black women, who tend to show HPV subtypes 33, 35, 58, and 68. So while white women might also not be protected from all strains by the HPV vaccine, they are certainly in a much safer position than black women.

“HPV 16 and 18 occur less frequently in African-Americans than in whites,” Dr. Cathrine Hoyo, associate professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Duke University School of Medicine, told Health Day. Duke’s study looked at 600 abnormal pap smears and found that almost 86 percent of the women examined had detectable HPV. Yet, as Hoyo explained, “African-Americans had half the HPV 16 and 18 frequency as whites did.”

As Bustle reported last summer, this disparity may be the reason that African-American women are 20 percent more likely to be diagnosed with cervical cancer…It’s upsetting that Gardasil leaves many black women without adequate protection against HPV and cervical cancer. Conflating the healthcare needs of white women with those of black women keeps us from accessing adequate treatment in multiple areas, and this is especially troubling when it comes to HPV. Had there been funding for a vaccine specifically designed for my black, female body, a shot that protects my body as well as it does white women, I might very well be HPV-free today.

By What It’s Like to Have HPV: How the Vaccine Failed to Protect Me as a Black Woman, by Evette Dionne (via nitanahkohe)